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Multiwall / Twinwall

Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting adds interest to design

Multiwall polycarbonate twin wall sheets add colour, interest and creativity to design projects from furniture to lighting to room separation or stage creation. It is available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses.

Twinwall polycarbonate sheet material is durable, flexible and provides insulation, so it is highly suited to applications such as roofing, lighting, signage, interior décor and awning manufacture.


Twinwall polycarbonates for a wide range of applications

Multiwall sheeting can be used in roofing; transportation projects; public and commercial buildings; open passageways; indoor pools; verandas; skylights; awnings; interior design elements such as lighting or illumination panels; display windows and areas; exhibitions and signs; furniture manufacturing; stairs and railings; lighted stages; and for translucent space separations.

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